Our Story

Joseph Smith, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer
Deona Smith, Chief Executive Mom

It was July 2017 and we were sitting in the den planning our day. Suddenly, my 9 year-old son, Joseph, said he wanted to start a business. After years of watching me as a full-time mompreneur and founder of Sister Summit, it was no surprise that he wanted to own a company. He saw me build a brand from the ground up.  I quickly agreed and we decided to spend the day exploring business ideas. Our journey in Washington, DC took us to several shops and concluded in a local toy store. The store was filled with amazing toys and books, but Joseph mentioned the lack of items for boys and children of color. It was that shopping experience and our appreciation for the quality time we'd shared playing games that inspired us to create Culture Kids - a line of toys designed to awaken a child's imagination and appeal to the kid in everyone. 

The goal of Culture Kids is to offer fun and educational products that feature the beauty and genius of kids of color. Culture Kids celebrates diversity and educates children about their cultural legacy. The company offers families an authentic, alternative choice from mainstream selections. Children need positive images, and we feel our products provide inspiration and creativity. My favorite memories are of the afternoons we spent playing card games, coloring, and putting together puzzles when Joseph was younger. It provided teachable moments and silly play. We want your family to experience the same. 

Another goal of Culture Kids is more personal. It is to teach Joseph entrepreneurship. The skills and experiences running Culture Kids will follow him throughout his life. Now 14 years-old, he is our chief inspiration officer and takes part in every segment of the business. 

And now, we've added the Culture Kids Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to offering children the arts and cultural experiences. We strive to show them the world by exposing them to people, places and things they may not ordinarily see. We hope to open their minds to greater possibilities. 

Thank you for stopping by our digital home. We hope you shop with us and come back for new products launching soon. 

Peace and blessings!

Deona Smith